The Importance of Stuggles

As I read further into the book, I find that the struggle is symbolic of our society struggle. Sadly in our world there are still people who find woman to be the “lesser” role on Earth. In, The Secret Life of Bees, it seems as if this struggle is not only shown, but solved. As Lily meets more and more people in Tiburon she starts to gain confidence in herself and her gender. This struggle can be symbolic of any other struggle in society today. A person has a problem and is helped out of it with the support of his/her friends.

The Author is using the struggles as a way to reaffirm struggles not only just woman’s rights, but in general. Like I said before, this is a classic example of a struggle and solution. I predict at the end of the novel, Lily will gain enough confidence in herself to do something that would have been hard to do otherwise.

Woman in Soceity

In the Secret Life Of Bee, Women are depicted as the lesser sex of the two. In the opening chapters, Lily and Rosealeen are shown in society as not equal. In Chapter one, Lily witnessed Roesaleen get yelled at and thrown in jail. Along with this incident, she talks about how her father does not treat quite as well as her mother. Lily is definitely a feminist and the book is about these feminist ways. Lily never refers to her dad as dad, but as T. Ray. Woman in the novel are portrayed, in the beginning, as inferior to men. Lily and Rosealeen have to become rebels on the run in order to survive. They break out of jail and hitchhike their way to the woods. This seems to be the beginning of an epic tale of woman in society’s struggle.