Woman are romatics

Women in literature are often depicted as romantics and always seem to be searching for love and commonly in novels, they find that one love.  In The Secret Life of Bees, Lily spends her entire life unloved by her father and everyone else.  Until she meets Zach and the Calendar sisters, Lily searches for those that care about her.  The woman protagonist in this novel is depicted as a romantic searching for someone to love her, Lily is lucky to find two different kinds of loves.  LIly develops a loving family type relationship with the Calendar sisters, her first family that cared about her even if they were not blood related, they treated lily like their own.  Lily’s second love is with the young Zach, Lily had grown up being the ugly duckling thinking no one would ever think she was pretty or even have feelings for her.  Lily and Zach’s relationship furthers the fact that women in this novel are considered romantics.  This is a general statement as well, most women are stereotyped as romantics and revolve their lives around finding their true loves.  This stereotype is present in The Secret Life of Bees.

2 thoughts on “Woman are romatics

  1. Abby,
    I find your comment about the stereotype of women being romantics interesting. Often times a stereotype has a negative connotation. Do you think that portraying women as romantics is a negative quality?

    Mrs. P

  2. I agree strong with the fact that women are typically depicted as romantics. I find it to be an intense stereotype that is very common. As it so happens, this type of idea is presented in my book as well. The mother of the main character is so infatuated with her husband, that she makes her a priority over her own child. I’ve always wanted to read The Secret Life of Bees, and your blogs are very interesting.

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